Fair Training

At See Spot Sit, we demonstrate a balanced style of training that is always fair and humane and we teach you to communicate with your dog in his language!

Reliable Results

By following our training guide and customized homework materials, your dog will learn lasting, reliable good behavior.


Follow the proven See Spot Sit Training Schedule and if you don't notice a positive change after 6 weeks, then simply give us a call and we will cheerfully refund your entire class fee.

What We Do

Transform Your Dog into a Model Citizen, Set Yourself up as “The CEO” and Live in Harmony! Really.

As much as we love pets, sometimes the pulling, jumping, digging and other problems can make life difficult. At See Spot Sit Dog Training, we can eliminate those problem behaviors so that you enjoy only good moments with your best friend.

Our unique and affordable services include:
Canine Good Citizen Course (Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. & Thursday evenings at 6 p.m.)  When the class becomes too large, it will be divided into 2 – beginners at 9:45 and advanced at 11:00 a.m.)
Private Training Sessions
Behavior Modification

Pay by class option is $40 per class.


See Spot Sit Dog Training in central Arkansas is a full service company. Contact us about seminars and workshops!

Feel free to pay online or at class with your credit card or Paypal, or pay by check, cash or credit card at class!

If you have a question, or want more information, please use the Drop Us A Line form.

If your dog has aggression or severe fear or anxiety when around other dogs, an evaluation will be necessary before beginning classes, in order to tailor the services provided to best suit your dog’s needs. Please see the page “http://seespotsit.org/behavior-assessments/

Please note that See Spot Sit, LLC is not a rescue organization. While we do work with rescue organizations and shelters and help when we can, we are not a primary contact if you have found a dog or need to rehome one. For rescue organization information please go to http://www.careforanimals.org/resources.cfm. If you feel you need help with the process and would like us to help you network and attempt to rehome a dog, we can provide those services for $150. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts, we will refund one-half of your fee. It is not our intention to profit from this. Finding a new home for a dog can be a lengthy and time-consuming process and the time spent would otherwise be used for See Spot Sit’s other paid services.

**Contact Charlotte Mallion @ charlotte@seepsotsit.org for rescue organization and/or foster prices.


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